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Anti-Intrusion Systems



  • Wire connected control unit suitable to make small and medium sized systems featuring inputs + 1 auxiliary input + 1 tamper input.
  • Possibility to cut the inputs into 2 sectors
  • 3 alarm outputs: 2 electric outputs and 1 free switch relay output
  • 2 TC outputs: one per sector
  • ON/OFF through local keypad, remote keypad, integrated electronic key, mechanical key.
  • Connection of remote keypads, readers of the electronic keys and inputs expansion through serial line.
  • Warnings for: general alarm, failure, system live, battery low, system status, tamper alarm, inputs open, inputs disabled. Warnings are through LEDs and/or display.
  • Entry time, exit time and alarm time setting.
  • “GONG” function (entry warning): possibility to program zone so as, with the system off, it enables the sound of an inner siren when a door or windows opens.
  • Counting of the alarms relating to each input (programmable).



Double technology detector IM-A 13 is equipped with interchangeable flat (cylindrical) Fresnel lens.

It is provided with function AUTOEQUALIZER®.

It is provided with x1 or x2 pulse count, alarm and

Failure memory, solid state relay, temperature automatic compensation and anti-tampering system. Maximum range reaches 15 m, with infrared section 108°

Horizontal covered range and micro wave section 90° horizontal covered range.

Operation can be programmed in two modes, namely AND1 (alarm is only generated if both sections, i.e. infrared section and micro wave section, are urged) or AND2 (alarm is only generated if both sections, i.e. infrared section and micro wave section, are urged, or if micro wave section only is urged more times within a time window, or if urging persists for some seconds), so ensuring the best safety/immunity ratio from false alarms in all use conditions. Micro wave emissions can be inhibited by using (programmable) control inputs



Volumetric sensors are designed to monitor presence and movement within a determined area, the dimensions of which vary according to the characteristics of the sensor. The BRAHMS range includes passive infrared units, in wall- or ceiling-mount version, or with dual technology.



  • The detector (Glass break detector) keeps under surveillance area of ​​a flat glass plate in a maximum radius
  • of 2 meters.
  • Oscillations of rupture that do not reach the detector with sufficient amplitude and frequency cannot be identified.
  • The detector is powered from the alarm panel with 12 VDC. In the quiescent state the current consumption is approximately
  • 5.5 mA. The alarm contact is closed and opens when the power supply is missing or if the Glass break-detector
  • Goes into an alarm state.
  • To enable the correct revelation, you must paste the detector horizontally to the glass well-fitting
  • On one side, the distance from the frame must be at least 20 mm. On the side from where the cable of the detector can
  • Choose a distance between 5 and 20 mm.
  • It is not possible for the surveillance of multilayer glass. It is not even allowed the use of the detector on the glass
  • Tinted or safety, as screening and plastic coating absorb mechanical vibrations.
  • It is important that the glass is in good condition with no cracks that can cause false alarms, properly
  • Fixed to the frame and free of glued sheets (not plasticized).

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