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The crooks are getting smarter, more sophisticated. so you need smarter system to catch them, DOT Technology Egypt can provide you with a comprehensive solutions to meet operational needs involving security, safety, surveillance, control and communication. we can provide remote access to your CCTV system from any PC via internet connection
We also provide fully networked systems to expand your CCTV system across your existing computer network so allowing maximum flexibility and efficiency from your system

- IP Camera
- IR Camera
- IR Pro Camera
- PIR Camera
- Mini Camera
- Tub Camera
- Dome Camera
- H264DVR
- Regular Camera
- Speed Dome
- Accessories

IP Camera
AVI201 AVI202 AVI203 AVI212 AVI321

IR Camera
AVC527C AVC547 AVC557 AVC667

IR Pro Camera
AVK015 AVK016 AVK145C AVK147B AVK147C AVM157 AVM206 AVM208 AVM209 AVM601

PIR Camera

Mini Camera
AVC566 AVC556 AVC554

Tube Camera

Dome Camera
AVC508 AVC508A AVC542 AVC543 AVC552 AVC553 AVC562HR AVC562R AVC563HR AVC563R AVC853 AVC863H AVC903 AVC904 AVC985 AVC986 AVK016

7601 7601 AVC760 AVC760A AVC761AS AVC761ASV AVC782AD AVC785 AVC785D AVC787 AVC787D AVD714 AVD715 AVD715D AVD717 AVD717D AVD718 KPD675 KPD677

7601 AVC792 AVC798 AVD724A AVD724B DR041 AVC796

Regular Camera
AVC509 AVC548 AVC549 AVC551 AVC555 AVC561R AVC565R AVC568 AVC569

Speed Dome
AVP325A AVP322

VGA01 SATA01 AVP101 AVC910TD 3G01 VGA02

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