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Metal Detectors

DOT Technology Egypt offers a list of products for the Metal Detectors.

Weapon and Metal Detection:

Terrorism is today's number 1threat and the use of guns and weapons have become so common

People purchase metal detectors of a potential threat of violence or to protect valuable assets

Do you know how to use hand held detector?

Hold the scanner's flat surface parallel to the person's profile. Maintain a distance of approximately

1 inch (25 mm) between the person and the surface of the detector.

Using a smooth even motion scan:

  1. Down the length of their left arm.
  2. Back up the underside of the arm.
  3. Down the full length of body to the feet.
  4. Up the inner surface of the left leg from the ankle to the crotch.
  5. Down the inner surface of their right leg to foot height.
  6. Up the right side from foot to under the arm.
  7. Down underside of right arm
  8. Pass over the top of arm and shoulder to the neck.
  9. Scan the front torso including the shoulder area.
  10. Scan the back torso and pay special attention to the small of the back.

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